Can you use M.2 SSD for Roon Library?

An info.
I’m looking for a NEW NAS, and my 2 options now are the qnap 453, or the synology 918+.

In this Qnap, can you use the Slot SSD M.2 (via adapter) to install an SSD and use it for the roon library? In the synology, i’ve read that the SSD M.2 is just for cache.

as far as i understand, who has roon core installed on a NAS use an additional SSD connected via USB3 for the roon library.

In the Synology they are only for cache i would assume the Qnap as well. good luck

Certainly possible on some of the higher QNAP models, but not sure about the 453. I think the rule of thumb is, if the M.2 slot is native to the NAS (i.e. on the motherboard), it can be used as storage; if it’s been added via a PCIe expansion card it can only be cache.

Edit: After looking up some specs on the 453 Pro, 453A and 453Be, my inkling is no.