Cancel at end of trial [Solved]

I tried to cancel on the last day of my free trial. It looks like Roon already hit me up for a 1-year subscription. Will Roon automatically do this without notifying me? Can I still get this cancelled today? Thanks.

I doubt that anyone hit you !!! And generally an email or question here is all that is required to sort it out.

Hi @bill1263 – sorry for the trouble here. I saw you sent a message via our Contact form as well – @kevin will be in touch and we’ll get this worked out for you.


Responded to you via email @bill1263, you should be all set!

Got your message. You guys are really professional. Thanks a lot.

Hi NickB,

I signed up for the free trial yesterday and received a welcome email with no mention that it is a free trial, also no instructions on how to cancel if I wish at the end of the trial before being charged.

What is the normal procedure to cancel please?

Hey @Rich_Lewis – you can cancel at any time by logging in on our website.

Let us know if you have any trouble!

Thanks Mike,

What a speedy response too.

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