Cannot acces usb drive anymore: error loading folder unauthorised

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
1.6 build 416

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
LaCie drive

Description Of Issue

Was able to acces the drive before, but now it keeps saying: error loading folder unauthorised
Have given Roon all authorisations possible, but the problem continues

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Hi @Henk_Beijsens,

Can you give some details on your Core machine?

Have you tried rebooting your Core?

Core: This Mac
version: 10.15 beta (19A536g)

I rebooted several times

Hi @Henk_Beijsens,

Have you tried using a different USB cable?

Are other programs able to see the drive?

If you temporarily disable any firewall on the Core machine is there any change?

Tried a different cable. I have another LaCie USB drive which has the same problem in Roon.
Audirvana access the disk and the files without any problem.
I have no firewall installed.

Thanks for confirming, @Henk_Beijsens.

Does this drive work with Roon when it’s connected to a device that isn’t on a beta version of Mac OS?

Do other USB drives work with Roon on the device?

Same issue here with macOS Catalina. I tried giving Roon full access to the drive, but it doesn’t work, still says ‘Unauthorized’. I’m using a usb-c SSD drive connected directly to my Mac. In Mojave the same configuration works fine.

Only works with the internal drive. Any usb drive gets the ‘unauthorized’ error.

It is Apple causing it with the MacOS Catalina Beta.

This is a horrible beta upgrade with many things not working and many things as mail etc not functioning well.

Will have to wait until the final version in October.

I’m seeing the same problem with the full release of MacOS Catalina on my iMac this evening. The message is “Error loading folder. Unauthorized.”

Dear Roon team - may I submit a request? This may be an obvious point but I think we need to think beyond iTunes, and perhaps even beyond Apple.
At present, I use iTunes to rip CD’s and make playlists (which are then synced to my apple devices).
I would like to manage my music only with Roon. It would therefore be a real improvement if Roon could have its own ripping functionality (as good as the iTunes functionality) - and then I could take aiff files from a Roon folder and drag and drop into iTunes. That way, the next time there is a crisis because of an Apple software upgrade, the worst that could happen is not being able to sync music on devices; but I could still enjoy a clean and stable data base under Roon, and continue listening to my music at home. Many of put a lot of work (and therefore tile) into a « clean » music data base with high quality cover art etc.
This might also require importing my iTunes music into a Roon (managed) folder.
Please do consider this.
My whole system is non functional at present because of Catalina, and you can imagine the level of frustration.

Thank you so much Mr. Takenaka. Your workaround works perfectly. My USB drives are now connected in Roon and all my music is finally in Roon. Thanks again.

What is the work around from Mr. Takenaka, it is not listed here.

the work around does work, however, it brings another issue with it i.e. you must do the work around after a reboot of Roon software. It also causes me non-response clicking the Roon software after the work around. Therefore I do not suggest to do it at this stage … the only thing we can do is waiting Roon with a new update

I have the same problem. The Roon can not recognize any external hard drive.
Please fix the problem as soon as possible.
I also use the MacOSX 10.15.

I’ve got this issue too. I added Full Disk Access in the privacy settings for Roon, but it didn’t do anything.

Starting to loose patience…

Really awesome as a lifetime user that I can’t even use Roon right now! Just seems like stuff like this continues to happen and the fix comes way after the fact. Quite frankly as someone in QA I find it PATHETIC this crap slips through the cracks

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