Cannot access BIOS screen on a new NUC 8

My Intel NUC 8 i5 arrived today and I cannot access the BIOS. I’ve tried every method on the intel web site etc. I’m using a fairly old TV as a monitor and I saw some mention that u can’t view the Intel virtual bios on some older non hi res monitors. Anyone know if this is true. I really don’t want to have to buy a new monitor for a headless music server!

Any thoughts or suggestions?

How are you connecting the monitor? And, are you seeing anything on the screen or is it just black?

May not be the same issue but if the monitor/TV doesn’t support 1024 x 768 you may not be able to enter the visial bios via F2

On a here a while ago, below

Thanks. I borrowed a proper monitor and was able to access the BIOS and set up my NUC.

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