Cannot add filter on smartphone app, but on tablet app and Windows app

Roon Core Machine

PrimeMini4 running Rock 1.8 build 898

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry Pi4B running Roon Bridge 1.8 build 880

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

When using the Roon app (always version 1.8 build 898) on my smartphone (Realme GT Master Edition running Android 11), if I go to to the DSP settings, the button for adding filters (“Add filter”) is completely missing. When I do this on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 running Android 9) or on my PC (Windows 10), I can see the button.

Same on iOS smartphones. Always was. Maybe due to screen size.

(Frankly as I am using mainly the phone I would like to have this control here as well)

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This is a limitation due to the screen area available ( or not actually) on mobile phones.

Thats why I also use an iPad Mini and a Samsung Tablet for these reasons.

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There would be ample space for that button. I have three “rows” of free space on the smartphone screen, so even with two filters in place, there would still be enough space for a button.

Then that would be a feature request, not a support thread.

Not sure if one already exists but you can start one under the relevant section for sure.

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