Cannot add multiple cover art or pdf to album

hello, this is almost make it or break it for me.

I have selected multiple cover art in settings menu. When I click the 3 dots and go to edit track I am only ale to upload 1 cover art, when I upload another cover art it just replaces it with the new one.

my music library is not commercial music where meta data is available online, they are in WAV format and I will need to manually add cover art or any accompanying PDF.

Is there a way to add PDF to an Album? or at least multiple cover art manually?

Many thanks

Hello @Rasoul_Farddoust and welcome to the forum.

There is just one album cover per album that gets displayed as such. If you want to add additional pictures and PDF files you can just place them in the album folder (I hope your music is organized that way, one folder per album, as it works best). Read more about it in:

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