Cannot Add Multiple Tracks To Library From Roon Playlist


I asked about this topic in the middle of last year. Was told that a ticket was being raised, lots of fobbing off, nothing happened in the end. It is a major pain in the backside having to add tracks to the Library in Qobuz from Roon one at a time, and there was a time - many, many upgrades ago - when it was possible to add multiple tracks, which obviously is a lot less hassle and saves a lot of time. It is possible to have the software deliver on this, but the function was disabled, and I was led to believe that action would ultimately be taken to remedy this situation. As far as I am concerned this is a major drawback in how I wish to use Roon, and all I have been fed is a steady diet of empty promises. What is happening in this respect? Please provide some useful information, and not just another fob off. I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Alan,

Fellow user here. I just went to an album in Roon (Grace Jones Nightclubbing - Qobuz) which is not in my library, and I was able to select 3 tracks from the Album’s track list and add them to my Roon library. I tried to follow the original request posts to see if you were referencing a different methodology than I just used and I could not see them to compare.

How are you trying to add the tracks?


Thanks for your input.

I use Roon mainly to listen to playlists I have compiled, as opposed to listening to albums. However, quite often I would like to create the same playlist in Qobuz, so I can the download the playlist to the Qobuz app on my phone and listen offline outside the house.

I can select a single track in any Roon playlist and follow the command ‘Add to library’, and the track will then appear as a favourite track in the Qobuz app. However, if you select multiple tracks within a Roon playlist and follow the command ‘Add to library’, none of the tracks appear in the Qobuz favourite tracks section. Single track transfer no problem, multiple track transfer no can do. I hope I have explained the issue in a way that makes sense. You used to be able to do this many moons ago.



Ah, Yes, I see. Sadly, it doesn’t even say “No, can’t do it”, it just seems to do it, but, not. I amended the thread title to add “…Playlist”, to prevent other users, like me, from pointing out that it works from the Album page.

Hopefully, Support will be able to provide insight.

Hey Roon

Any chance of you offering any guidance or information in response to the issue I have (re)raised? Or have you just gone into deep slumber mode again? Why do you treat your paying customers with such contempt? Are you seriously understaffed, or do you just not care? It would be nice to think it is not the latter.



Day 3 - could you offer me the courtesy of a reply to my request for support please?

Day 5 - could you offer me the courtesy of a reply to my request for support please?

Alan please be patient, support does not work weekends, and I’m sure they will see this on Monday

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I admire your optimism mate. My experience is that often weeks can go by before Roon customer support deign to give you a reply, see link below:

I am afraid my reserves of patience with these folk ran out some time go. For online customer support it’s the worst service I’ve ever encountered.


Hi @Alan_Meldrum,

Thanks for getting in touch with your report. We’re sorry to hear that you’re having problems.

As @Rugby mentioned Roon Support isn’t on call over the weekend. Additionally, we do prioritize tickets somewhat based on how severely the problem impacts the customer’s ability to use Roon. Issues that totally impede the use of Roon take top priority. Functionality reports, such as yours, are important to us as well. We make every attempt to get to them as quickly as we’ve addressed critical issues.

I’ve been able to replicate your problem and have reached out to our QA Department. The previous ticket has been bundled into work that is currently underway. I’m unable to say with certainty when this will be fixed but can assure you that it’s on our radar and a part of larger development work. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the wait. Thanks!

You used to be able to add multiple tracks to the library, I used to do it on a daily basis.

This function was removed, with no explanation, and as far as I am concerned, the functionality of Roon greatly deteriorated as a result

Why did this happen?

If it was so easy to remove this function, why is it so difficult to reinstate it?

If I’ve been waiting through several upgrades with no redress, and was told that a ticket was raised last July, then you’re damn right I’ve been patient, but don’t thank me for my patience, just explain to me why Roon decided to alter their product this way, and disadvantage their customers.

You owe me that much.


Because I paid you a chunk of money, that’s why.

Provide me with some useful information for once, instead of the constant stream of empty platitudes.

I look forward to hearing from you.


I should also add that the function whereby you can add multiple tracks to the library was in place when I trialled the product, and was one of the reasons I decided to purchase a Roon lifetime subscription. I could see the obvious advantages of moving multiple tracks into Qobuz, which could then be downloaded to the Qobuz app on my phone for listening offline, as Roon do not offer this facility.

To subsequently remove this facility - with absolutely no explanation to your customers - when customers have already paid up front for a lifetime subscription, is moving the goalposts fairly significantly (in my view), and I still cannot fathom why no explanation has been offered to me, despite repeated requests for one, as I certainly feel that one should be forthcoming in the circumstances.

While I can understand your need to deal with customers who cannot get Roon to work on any level with their system, I do feel that the issue I am referring to is a change that must have been agreed on by your software engineers, but yet no one from Roon is prepared to tell me why an extremely useful function was disabled in their programme.

Is this really the best I can expect?

Hi Jamie

I posted two more replies on this thread, the last of which was five days ago. In those posts I continued to seek clarification on the issue I raised, but once again it would seem that the courtesy of a prompt reply is something that is beyond Roon customer services. Could I ask for a response at your earliest convenience please?


Hi @Alan_Meldrum,

I’m happy to answer your questions and assist, as best as I can. That’s what we’re here for. I think that we may need to reset the conversation though. I understand and empathize with your frustration, but you’ve taken a bunch of liberties here with your interpretation of our intentions and attitudes that are inaccurate.

We didn’t choose to remove the functionality that allowed you to add multiple tracks to your library from a playlist. It was an unintentional regression. These things happen occasionally in software development, it’s impossible to test every feature in the software when changes are made. When coding changes are implemented to ancillary functions in the software, more is required to correct unintended regressions than simply putting the old code back. In some cases the old code may still be there - it just doesn’t behave as it once did.

I hasten to clarify that no decision was made to alter the ability to add multiple tracks to your library from playlists, or to disadvantage you in any way. The ticket that was previously submitted to get this corrected has been rolled into work that is currently underway. It’s more effective to tackle a roster of similar work at the same time. I’m not able to provide a timeline for the work but I will say that we hope to have this resolved soon. I can see how this is impacting your ability to use Roon in the way you prefer - we apologize for the inconvenience.

Now, I’m going to kindly request that you stop axe-grinding every issue report that you submit to Community. I researched your activity here and I see that it’s a common theme for you, in threads and in private messages with support. Simply put, the language and tone of your messages and posts heretofore are not conducive to productive, courteous, communication.

We are sympathetic to your woes, our apologies in that regard are sincere. However, if we’re unable to provide you with a timeline for development work, we’re similarly not going to provide you with regular updates on that work. The Dev team are a small agile department and their work is quite fluid. They don’t report to support what they’re tackling on a day to day basis - for that reason it’s impossible to provide routine updates to any customer, not just you.

Your previous interactions with Roon staff, taken as a whole, warrants my saying that this request is an official warning. Continued conduct of this kind will result in suspension from Community. We appreciate your cooperation moving forward. Thanks.

Hi Jamie

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I also appreciate you elaborating on the circumstances that led to a highly valued (by me) function of Roon being removed, which has allowed me to better understand what happened. The question begs though, if you were able to explain this to me now, why was no one able to explain this to me when the issue was raised in the middle of last year? Information is key, and it is easy, in the absence of any meaningful information, to arrive at the wrong conclusions. When you are repeatedly told that a ticket has been raised/the development team are working on this/we will update you when we have any news, and then months roll by, it can also feel as if you are being taken for a mug, which is not pleasant.

I have been very frustrated on occasion at the length of time it has taken to receive replies to my posts, and if, in my frustration, I have resorted to language which has been inappropriate or have adopted a tone which has been belligerent or challenging, then I do sincerely apologise. I honestly do not have the first inkling of how the technical side of your operation works, although I am sure that it is very complex, but in the absence of any signs of progress I would often feel as if the issues I was concerned about and had raised with you were just being kicked down the road a bit and nothing was happening, which exacerbated my frustration. Electronic messaging is not an ideal way to communicate, and it is easy to interpret things the wrong way, but did seem at times as if the issues I had raised were of little interest to you, and that my custom was being taken for granted, which was was somewhat dispiriting. While it was wrong of me to adopt an antagonistic tone, I would also hope that in researching my activity you have come across enough examples of communications where I have expressed gratitude for help offered and offered thanks where solutions to problems were provided. I think you are right when stating that we need to reset the conversation though, so I’d like give you my assurances about adopting a more respectful tone in future exchanges, and I hope that we can move forward on a positive basis.

You may have me down as an unrepentant critic of Roon, but I actually do love the software. I have my Qobuz subscription because of the high quality music files they provide, but I love Roon because the interface is user friendly, the search results are better displayed and I find it less clunky than Qobuz for compiling playlists. I really did love that feature of saving multiple tracks though, because it meant that I could very quickly switch a playlist in Roon over to Qobuz and download it onto the Qobuz app on my phone for listening offline. Some of my playlists in Roon have tens or even hundreds of tracks on them, and it is a major drag transferring the bigger playlists from Roon to the Qobuz library one track at a time. The fact that tracks which are unavailable on Qobuz are not always identified in Roon (another issue I have raised in the past) also spoils my enjoyment of the app, and if in future there can be some sort of live updating of availability/unavailability of Qobuz tracks in Roon then that would be a great achievement.

I hope that these issue of saving multiple tracks can, as you hope, be resolved soon, and that I can enjoy using Roon as fully as I once did. Apologies again for any offence caused.

Leis gach dùrachd


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Thank you for your thoughtful, courteous, response @Alan_Meldrum. I’m happy that we can approach things fresh and set previous frustrations aside.

I’m not sure what prevented you from receiving more information when you first reported the issue. It could be that the regression was fresh and the support staff didn’t have enough insight at that point to expand further on the cause. I agree that information is key, and that more detail would have been helpful. We’ve also been experiencing a bit of staffing flux, that has impacted our response times. We’re currently adding more techs to keep pace with the support demand.

I don’t see you in that light actually, I just think things progressed to a point where frustration had taken up much of the air. These things happen, good communication is the best means for getting out of those binds. I appreciate your contribution to putting that behind us. I can see that the regression impacted a feature that you used regularly and I completely empathize with your disappointment and the difficulty it has created for you.

I do as well, your apology is gratefully accepted and appreciated. I’m glad we were able to smooth things out and start fresh. Please feel free to send me a message directly if you have additional problems or questions. I wear a few different hats at Roon, and my attention is spread across a couple of roles, but I’ll make every effort to get back to you as soon as I can. :v:t2:

HI Jamie,

I have the same problem.

  1. Are there any updates on fixing the problem of adding multiple tracks at once to a library?
  2. Is there a link where Roon announces which issues Roon is working on but are to be resolved in the future?

Regards, Arie

Hi Arie,

I am not Jamie, but, I think he is currently on vacation. So, I am going to ping support to see if anyone has an update for you. @support

I can say, however, that the answer to #2 is that there is not a page listing the work Roon is currently doing, either on new features, or, on which bug(s) are currently being squashed.

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Thanks Rugby for stepping in and pinging support.

We have a ticket open in the development queue which means that this will be corrected in a future release. I cannot comment on when that will be as as the team is prioritizing their work based upon the breadth of impact. I have added a note to the ticket requesting that it be reviewed and potentially rescheduled.