Cannot add or remove files to ROCK

HI all,

I’ve setup ROCK on a NUC.
I’ve connected external SSD to the NUC.
I went thru all Roon Help pages, but I still cannot add or remove files to Roon Rock.
Any ideas?

What machine are you trying to use to add the files to the ROCK? Windows or PC?
Try this KB:

Can you try connecting the external drive to your computer (not the NUC/ROCK) and copy the file on to the drive then reconnect it to the NUC? If have not done this as I have an internal drive in my NUC and just mapped the drive in Windows.


I’ve read linked article earlier. No luck.

This is the message I get when trying to remove anything from Roon Storage

‘The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items’

and when I am trying to add, I get this message:

Finder wants to copy “name of the album”
Enter your password to allow this.
and when I type my Mac password I get this:

‘Items can’t be copied to “O P Q R S T” because you don’t have permission to read them.’

O P Q R S T is the name of the folder

Ah ok, I R PC, so we may need to wait for a MAC knowledgeable person to chime in and help.
Only idea I would have is to try and use the IP address in place of “rock” in the instruction?

Edit: That sounds like a file permissions thing.
Try this (first review if the permissions are what you expect before you change anything):

That’s definitely sounding like a local folder permission issue.
Unfortunately I am not a Mac guy or owner but I had exactly the same after one Win10 update in the past that made zero sense as they had been fine.

I can do it blindfold on a Win10 PC now though…lol.

Dig into the folder permission, I’m sure you will see it.

Under the file I wanted to delete from SSD attached to Roon ROCK, In the Mac Sharing and Permission box I can see:

  1. me,
  2. staff,
  3. everyone
    all with read & write permission.

That sounds about what I would expect to be set on Windows.

A thought came to me that I also had this occur on a Win10 PC with same permissions all looking good.

Could not figure it out at all.

A reboot fixed it.

If not done so give it a try.

Past that we need a Mac expert.

Ok, rebooting now.

Is the external drive formatted as HFS+?

If so, it can’t be written to by Linux.

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Yes, it is
It’s Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Looks like a lot of work for me cause I have over 5000 albums on it.
I would need to move it all to another drive, format it and move it all back.

Roon recommends exFAT. Is that what I need? no other way around the problem?

Yeah, just run a quick test. Can add and remove files easily when disk is formatted to exFAT.

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Please see last post. Would this work?

You mean creating an exFat partition and moving files a chunk at a time?

In theory maybe but by the time you have done you may as well just transfer all onto a new exFat drive… IMHO


Agreed, trying to “piece” it in chunks like that is asking for trouble IMO.

I would recommend just copying all the data, verifying it was copied correctly, and then format the dick and then copy it back.

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Thank you all for qucik and informative replies.


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