Cannot adjust volume from within Roon


I’m having a (newish)problem adjusting the volume from within Roon. When I turn it down, it jumps right back to full volume. This occurs when using either Squeezebox Touch and an (Roon Ready) Oppo 203 and Oppo 205.

System details

MacMjni mid 2011, 16gb RAM, 1TB Solid State Drive.

Music stored on MacMini (internal) Hard Drive. I believe the connection type is SATA?

Collection size (according to ROON): 5100 Albums, 70,132 tracks, 2023 artists

Describe The Issue: See above

Network: Verizon Fios, Linksys Velop Wireless Mesh Network with one parent node and two child nodes. Mac Mini wired directly to Linksys Velop child node. Parent node connected directly to Verizon Fios router. So it’s basically a wireless network. Firmware updated a few weeks ago. I believe that Linksys pushes out Firmware upgrades as they become available.

Audio Screenshots

Nice to know I’m not that all alone with this issue.
Still got the same with pi + allo piano 2.1 + kali reclocker. Volume jumps to anywhere. I asked in here and in the allo forums … no solution.
Strange since it all works without any problem if using volumio or runeaudio and similar software. Something must be seriously defective in roon for some devices.

Being aware of that means first stop playback, then address the volume, then restart playing, to be on the safer side and not blow the speakers.

But perhaps they do find something with your problem which might then also cure mine.

In the device setup you are specifying ‘Device Volume’. You want to specify ‘DSP Volume’.

Poor idea. If I do so lowering the volume turn the signal parth from enhanced into high which isn’t what I would prefer.

Not to mention that this stil won’t give me the ability to adjust the volume for the 2 (from the 2.1 dac versus the .1 separately).

Only solution which works flawlessy is to use putty on the pi and run alsamixer besides roon.

Looks a bit ugly and anything but what one would call a solution, but it works.

Might be a problem because someone did believe poeple do use an amplifier right between a DAC and the speakers … while my nearfields are active one in my computer roon and yes they do have small knobs to adjust the volume but these are one the rear and more or less provided to compensate basic unqueal volume issues, not designed to use them for a general volume adjustment.

No need to shoot the messenger. All you say is true, but setting ‘DSP Volume’ is the way to have Roon control volume.

As for controlling volume from both within Roon and from the device, it can’t be done. It’s one or the other.

Yes, you lose resolution by choosing ‘DSP Volume’.

Okay, then.

Sorry for that :wink: keep in mind that I must multitask … think in german, type in english and then I’m still unsure if the resulting words are non-offensive. :wink: As said … I got a solution, looks a bit weird but better but simply throwing away my piano 2.1

What I really do wonder, got an allo boos dac in another room which never ever had such issues with the volume. So on one hand you’re right you can’t control things both ways at a time, but for the boss dac everything works, dsp volume aswell as device volume, whereas on the piano device volume simply jumps from one end of the slider to the other. Not to mention it simply deactivates the woofer output each single step. means if I raise volume using the ctrl+up it goes woofer on, woofer off, woofer on, woofer off and so one. Somewhat disappointing if you ask me.
And yes it surely works if in dsp volume mode but this would them require passive speakers + an amplifier which is also not idea since then I won’t have to use the roon volume slider at all, and must leave my chair to reach the volume knob on the amplifier.

Your hints are appreciated for sure …

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Maybe will chime in but my understanding is that it depends on the dac and its capabilities.

In my set-up anyway there are two options. Device Volume and Fixed Volume. If you choose the latter, there is not even an option for adjusting the volume in the Roon Playback screen. The former gives you that option but it doesn’t work (if you turn it down it immediately returns to 100% of the volume). I should say that this has not always been the case. It jus started happening in the past couple of months.

Ahhh. If I enable the DSP engine, then I can control the volume (which I gather is what you meant by specifying DSP volume). The main reason I turned it off awhile ago was because I was occasionally getting loud sustained burst of white noise that fried the tweeters on one of my speakers (which are no longer useable). And someone on this forum told me that DSP was the likely the reason for that. So I’m wary of using the DSP engine. But I do like to control the volume remotely. Between a rock and a hard place I guess.

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Hello @James_Bailey

On your OPPO UDP-203, can you check and make sure you do not have the “Output Volume” configured to “Fixed”? You can find this setting in the Setup > Audio Processing menu.

On the Squeezebox, you should check the Settings > Audio Settings screen for anything related to volume control. We have seen a few reports from users that a factory reset of the Squeezebox was required to resolve similar issues.