Cannot Backup Database on External HDD connected to Nucleus+


I recently migrated my Roon Core from an older iMac to a Nucleus+. While the core was on my iMac I used a USB HDD both as music storage and to backup the Roon Database. This worked without issue.

After migrating the core to the Nucleus+, I connected the USB HDD to the Nucleus, edited music storage folders and everything is running smooth. I also updated the scheduled backup path to the same drive, now attached to the Nucleus. However, it fails each time I try to backup, both scheduled and manually. The message is “Backup failed at XX:XX:XX / Cannot find the backup directory”. I also tried using a different folder to be sure it wasn’t an issue with the folder being watched as part of my library. Lastly, I connected another USB HDD to the 2nd port on the Nucleus and tried to backup there, to the same results.

Any idea on why the backup directory isn’t being located? I don’t know the format of the drives off hand but had used previously to backup the database without issue.


Travis what is the file system format of the drive you are using?
It might be read only on the Nucleus


Hi Mike, drive is Mac OS Extended (Journaled) formatted. Thanks

Hi Travis I this is probably your issue.
They are only really supported on Mac’s.

Best bet is to copy the data off and re-format the drive to exFat and then copy your music back.

I hope this helps

Edit: I just found this as well Which file systems does ROCK support?


Thanks Mike. I had used it previously to backup the database when the core was on my iMac. Is it just that the Nucleus can’t write to it while the Mac could?

Yes it is a Mac only file system, I am surprised that it can read it. I have stopped using these format as I am quite cross platform these days and exFat seems to be the most compatible not that Microsoft have open sourced it

As noted by other, Linux which is what the OS on the Nucleus is based on cannot write to HFS+, aka Mac Journal format. It can read just fine. You will also find, that you cannot add new music to that drive either.

You can get a USB Flash drive, format it exFAT, as Michael suggested, and then use it as backup storage.

Or, you can get a new external drive, format it exFAT, copy the music over and use it for both Music storage and as a Backup location. With the additional ability of being able to copy music to it in the future. And keep the current drive as a backup.

Thanks all, appreciate the feedback. Ultimately the external USB HDD is just a temporary solution as I have an 8TB SSD drive I’ll be installing in the Nucleus to house my library. At that point I’ll grab a USB flash drive and exFAT format for backups. Any recs on how big a flash drive is ideal for backing up a collection upwards of 8000 albums?


FYI, the backup in Roon is for the Roon database only, not the actual music files. And a 128 GB drive should hold a good number of database backups.

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