Cannot change Metadata Preferences

I’ve tried searching for an answer but have not found anything.

Anyhow. Roon occasionally misidentifies tracks. When I try to change the track title to Prefer File by 1) clicking on the three dots to the right of the track name, or clicking on the three dots under the album name, 2) selecting the edit option, 3) going to the Metadata Preferences tab, then 4) clicking on the radio button to the right of Title for Prefer File and finally 5) clicking the Save button, it NEVER works. When I go back to the Metadata Preferences screen, it indicates that the changes have not been made.

I’ve noticed this problem with at least two of my local albums/folders. For example, for my local version of Sviatoslav Richter’s 1992 performance of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Roon identifies the first track as Prelude in C major, Book 1. This is incorrect. It should read, as it does in the local file, “01 - Prelude & Fugue I in C major”.

What makes this most irritating is that Roon identifies the SECOND track as Fugue in C major, Book 1. The correct title should be “02 - Prelude & Fugue II in c minor”. As a consequence of this error, all subsequent track titles are misaligned.

I read that one can send corrections to Roon. But I also thought one could make the correction locally, in my local music folders. If that’s the case, how do I do this correctly?

Many thanks in advance!

PS I installed Roon 1.8 today and hoped this might resolve the problem. But it hasn’t!

Hello, and welcome to the forum. I’ve moved your question across to the Support > Metadata Issues category of the forum, which is a better home for it. Thanks.

Thanks, Geoff!

EDIT: I’ve not searched the Support sub for an answer to this issue. Apologies if this has been discussed before!