Cannot change profile data in Roon-app for PC!

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Cannot change profile data in Roon-app for PC!

Hello @Michele_Trasente,

I’m very sorry for the delay in getting back to you… :pleading_face:. We would have hoped it was going to be sooner.

To make sure I understand correctly, are you trying to change the information associated with your profile (birthday & name)? What error are you seeing?

If you try to do the same from a different device, does that work?

Dear Rebeka
thanks for answering and here’s the thing:
I want to fill my profile in the remote app with a picture+birthdate
but somehow if I have selected a photo+birthdate somehow I cannot
save it!? ~see pictures bel😉w! (by the way 1st picture is made after pressing the save button!)
Can you help me out?
… regards;Michele!

Try removing the photo in the “Profile verwalten” screen, saving it, and then trying to add it again. It’s strange that the photo is showing in that second screen, but not in the Profile…

Hi Geoff,!
it’s funny but this didn’t work either. So I let g😉! Will try again later but
if you got an idea let me know!
Thanks & regards;Michele!