Cannot change sort order with Qobuz

Hi there,

I recently switched from Tidal to Qobuz and wondered why I cannot sort my favorite artists by name.

Is there a chance to have it in the near future?
Otherwise I need to cancel my room subscription until this BASIC feature will be available.


Hi @Ian_Gillan,

I just checked this on my system (local content, Tidal and Qobuz) on the Roon Artists page I was able to select the heart icon (to only display favourites) and then I change the order by sortation and it all behaved as I would expect (even reverse sortation).

It could be I’ve misunderstood, could you share a screen shot or two that demonstrates this behaviour and describe what steps you did that reproduces this issue.

Also have you tried any trouble shooting steps, such as rebooting the Roon Core?

Also, have you perhaps by accident set the “Artist name for sorting” to First Name, and are expecting the sort by Last Name, or vice versa?

Hey Carl,
thanx, yes this ist the better idea. Never payed around with the Roon stuff under “Browse”–>“Home”. Always went directly to "My Library " or “Browse” → “Tidal”.
And in the Tidal page you’Re be able to sort artists by name. On the Qobuz page you cannot do anything.
So using the path starting with “Home” is a reasonable workaround. It’s just one click more the get the artists.
Perhaps in the future the Roon team adds up a sort feature for Qobuz too.

Thanx again for your help!
Long live the community !!!