Cannot connect AGAIN

Roon Core Machine


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Xfinity fiber optic connected via Ethernet

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It’s been hit and miss for months but I’ve just come back from a month away and unable to connect. I just want to switch stuff on and it works - it’s frustrating beyond belief. I get a never ending “Searching for Roon Core” message then I select “Configure Roon Devices on your Network” which then finds it. However, when clicking the IP address highlighted in blue it does not connect.
If I go to my Xfinity app it shows it as connected via Ethernet to the router. If I need to return it, fine - but I expect this stuff to be much more robust. Thanks

I am not with support but wonder if you are using a static IP address or if it is being reassigned with DHCP. If it is dynamic it could present itself as the issue describe.
Is the IP of the Core the one you expect shown in the Xfinity application?

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Hey @Anthony_Shefferd,

I wanted to follow up on this thread to see if you were still running into issues? @MamaTried does ask the right next question.

Can you access webUI?

Can you plug in a monitor to the Nucleus and reboot it? Please share a screenshot of what you see on the monitor.

I replaced the drive but cannot get any further. I’m getting the following message on the TV screen via HDMI:

I plugged in a USB keyboard but any key just redisplays the message. I would prefer to send my Nucleus back for you guys to diagnose the problem tbh. Thanks

Hey @Anthony_Shefferd,

Did you try to access the webUI of the Nucleus? It’s easy to do, and can provide helpful information:

Pending this information, we can take next steps to see if we’ll need you to send it in. Thanks!

I have another thread with Wes who has offered to send me a new drive - I assume with ROCK preloaded?