Cannot Connect Nucleus Titan After Replacing Nucleus Plus (ref#QQ66L9)

Is Roon Server running?

· Yes, Roon Server is turned on and running.

What do you see on your screen?

· "Waiting for your Roon Server"

What happens if you press the "Select a different Roon Server" button?

· I don't see Roon Server.

Please select how you've connected your Roon Server to the internet

· Roon Server is connected by *Ethernet*

What is the operating system of your Roon Server host machine?

· *Nucleus*

Select any of the following components that are present in your local network setup

· None of the above

Describe the issue

I’ve just replaced my nucleus plus with nucleus titan and cannot connect

Describe your network setup

I’ve replaced nucleus with titan. Everything else is the same. Power is on and Ethernet connected to silent angel ethernet switch as before. It goes to Roon module in my MBL N31 with Roon module as before

Hi bjrichardson53,

Thanks for taking the time to write in!

The first thing I’d review is the IPs listed within your local network. Can you confirm your new Titan and other devices are all functioning inside the same local subnet?

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :raised_hands: