Cannot connect to core - Synology NAS916+ [Resolved]


Last night int he middle of an album playback just stopped and could not reconnect to core. It just sits there looking for the core. It shows the NAS with the correct IP but no green light and then eventually times out

As far as I know nothing has changed in the system and I have had zero issues for several months through several updates. System has been used daily for past few days without issue.

I have database backups but before I do anything I thought I would ask here as it may be a issue.

My system:

Roon core installed on separate dedicated SSD in Synology NAS916+ 8GB ram
Endpoint is RPi2 with digihat running DietPi
Control is ipad/iphone or iMac

I restarted my NAS and my router several times and had no luck. It feels like it may be a network issue but am not sure. The only recent change I can think of is the update to Build 200

I assume a reinstall of the core would be advisable? How do I reinstall on the NAS and keep my current database or restore a backup on the NAS?

Hi @Steve_C ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Before we start looking into reinstalling on the NAS, can you confirm if you are still able to access the NAS via the finder on your other devices (iMac, iPad)?


Thanks Eric, it seems to have corrected itself with latest update. You can close this off.

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