Cannot connect to my core (ROCK) anymore

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My NUC Core won’t upgrade. It is currently running on Version 1.7 (Build 571) while all devices on the network are running 1.8 (build 952). Upon starting the application on my PC, it searches the core, identifies it and than indicates that the core is looking for an upgrade. This goes on for a quite long period of time and at the end, the core fails to perform an upgrade.
I have tried to reload OS and also the roon application on the NUC but it is still stuck on version 1.7.

The system has been working fine and never had any problem upgrading so far.

Any solution?

Best regards

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I don’t believe 1.8 clients work with 1.7; you should update the Core first, and not wait almost a year to upgrade.

Is the NUC running ROCK? Do you have a recent backup? Your best may be to reinstall ROCk from scratch as if it were a new setup. You could temporarily setup the PC as Core, and restore a recent backup to check everything is fine beforehand.

Before you do anything wait for support and other community members to respond.

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