Cannot connect to Rock Core in any way

Roon Core Machine

Intel I7 NUC running latest ROCK OS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

modem running ethernet to tp link switch running ethernet to raspberry pi endpoint devices running dietpi or HiFi Berry OS with latest Roon

Number of Tracks in Library

Library contains about 3,000 albums

Description of Issue

I cannot connect to my ROON ROCK CORE via remote, via a browser and cannot connect with windows explorer. I can see my CORE in WE but it just times out and/or says Windows cannot access CAN’T MAP NETWORK DRIVE TO CORE EITHER? Help?

put a screen on the NUC and it says all is okay with no errors indicated. Now trying to log into NUC via windows machine, times out, run windows network troubleshooter and it says connectivity problem with NUC. arrrggghhh!

also: (enabled SMBv1 and enabled Insecure Guest Logons but doesn’t matter since core not on this windows machine DUH!)

tempted to just start over from scratch (been working perfectly for 4 years except one corrupt database a few months ago). I have database backups in cloud to reinstall.

Might not be the worst idea in the world.

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I’m becoming more convinced. Thanks!

What m.2 boot SSD brand, model, capacity are you using?

Transcend 64GB SATA III 6Gb/s MTS600S 60 mm M.2 SSD 600S Solid State Drive

Please purchase the smallest capacity version of Samsung 970 and use it to install ROCK.

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Hey @Mark_Thompson1,

Thanks so much for taking us along on the journey of figuring out what isn’t working quite right. We’re sorry about the trouble :sweat:

We’d love to hear any updates and help if we can :nerd_face:

Hey @Mark_Thompson1,

We thought we should follow up and check for any updates before closing this thread. If help is still needed, please, let us know :relieved:

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