Cannot connect to Roon Core on NUC

Recently built a new Windows PC with win 11, which runs Roon. The core is on a Rock.
I cannot connect to Rock. Core is an *Intel NUC 7 I5 BNK with 8 gigs RAM. Running Roon Optimized Core Kit

First, I upgraded the codecs which seem to be missing. Successfully added the codec to the data folder. Added the ffmpeg on Roon Server. Still does not connect.

Next ran reinstall OS but it gave me an error code {“status”:“Failure”,“exitcode”:10} I cannot find any help text on this code. I did see that others were instructed to wait for a set of instructions to update the OS.
BTW…system OS is RoonOS 1.0 (build 259) production.

Please help with the upgrade.

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Just to be clear, have you other Roon Remote devices besides the new Windows 11 PC that you can use to connect to the ROCK/NUC Core? Do they connect, or do they also fail?

And just where have you added ffmpeg? To the Windows PC (where it is not needed) or to the ROCK/NUC system?

Thanks for your help Geoff.
I typically control Roon from the PC that I have upgraded to. I also use a laptop. I did not try to use the laptop for resetting up Roon. The codec was dropped into the data folder on the NUC. That cleared the error note when I was logged into the NUC from Windows on the server button.

Check the following…

  1. That your Windows 11 PC network is set to Private and not Public
  2. That you Windows 11 PC is on the same network segment, i.e. first 3 number groupings of each PC’s IP address is the same.
  3. Turn off the Windows 11 PC firewall and see if you can then see Roon. If so, make sure you all firewall exemptions for Roon, RAATserver, RoonServer, RoonAppliance (note not all may be there).
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Thanks Rugby,
I took your suggestions and checked these settings.

  1. The network is set to private.
  2. The IP address is correct and on the same network as the NUC. The subnet is the same too.
  3. Exceptions are set for the Raatserver, Roonserver, and Roon.

I did not find a RoonAppliance.
I believe I need to upgrade / update the RoonOS. It is 1.0 build 259. But just reinstalling did not work.


Hi @Albert_Galloway ,
Are you still having issues? According to our logs you were able to connect to your core. Also if you ever have this issue again; Exit Code 10 is related to downloading the update, usually because of DNS.

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Hi Dan,
Thanks and yes I am able to connect to the Core.

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Great! I’ll mark this thread solved then.