Cannot Connect to Roon Core on QNAP TS-877 (ref#NCBO2M)

Affected Product


Roon Issue Category


Description of Issue

I use Qnap as Roon Core, and from roon app shows is running.
My equipments are all in same network, however I can’t connect to core, which is show “connecting” always.

Roon Core Platform

Linux (NAS/SonicTransporter/Antipodes/Ubuntu/etc.)

Linux Core Type


Roon Core Specifications

QNAP TS-877 16G,

Connected Audio Devices

Pioneer N-70A

Home Network Details

Ethernet, Netgear GS724, Netgear XSM4324, GS308

Hey shokkh,

Ben with the support team here, thanks for your patience so far!

First, I would give your core, remotes, and router a hard reboot.

Can you provide more details and potentially a step by step on how you get to this step? Any screenshots would be helpful as well.

Out of curiosity, are you able to connect to your core using Arc?

If you could please bring your core device online, our servers can connect and request a fresh diagnostic report to which we can investigate further.

I’ll be on standby for your reply, thanks! :+1:

Hi shokkh,

I wanted to check in on this thread and see if you were able to run through the reply above?

I’ll be on standby for your reply, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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