Cannot Connect to Roon Server or Update (ref#7ONJF1)

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I re-installed ROCK by downloading the image and rebooting from an usb-stick, everything went fine. I also had to copy ffmpeg to the data/codecs directory and rebooted the server and now the server reports ok too.
But if i now try to connect a roon remote i get the message: An update is ready to be downloaded UPDATE NOW. (the reported update however is the same that my ROCK server is running already)
If i try to do the update a message is shown: There was an error checking for an update. RETRY NOW
And that is it. I cannot connect to my server and i cannot update the server. How to proceed?

Roon Core Platform

Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

Roon Core Specifications

NUC5i3RYH from 2016. Until 2 days ago it worked fine, but after a power failure all radio streams would not play anymore. All music tracks played fine though. I reckoned a new rock install would not be a bad idea after 7 years. Now it looks like LAN connections are fine but WAN connection is not.

Connected Audio Devices

DIY Ropieee builds on raspberry pi 3b

Home Network Details

DIY opnsense router / 1GB network / Unify switch


Your Web Administration page is showing that you have older versions of both Roon OS and Roon Server installed.

Try clicking the “Reinstall” button for the Operating System to see if that will get everything up to date.

Problem found!

Your remark made me check the RoonOS settings once again and this time i noticed in the ip settings just one dns server although my dhcp server hands out 2 addresses.

I run my own two redundant dns servers. Apparently the power failure knocked out one of them. All of my other hardware still functions using the second dns server, but RoonOS apparently accepts only one dns server in its settings and that happened to be the faulty one.

After setting a static ip and pointing to the correct dns server everything works again. So, now i just have to fix a faulty dns server :wink:

Thank You for your input.

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