Cannot Connect to Roon Server with Nucleus Rev B (ref#JR11Q8)

Affected Product


Nucleus Model

Nucleus Rev B

Description of Issue

Cannot get past “Waiting for your Roon Server”

RAM & Internal Storage


Connected Audio Devices

Sonos via ethernet

Home Network Details

Connected with ethernet cable to built-in Sonos hub

Which OS are you using, @gejrodwell?

Can you see the Nucleus volume on your desktop?

Thanks Mark. Mac OS Ventura. Where would I look on the desktop?

The Nucleus should appear like any other Volume - in the Finder, although you may have to share it explicitly. You start that process with Cmnd+ K.

This link may also help: Set up SMB file sharing on Mac - Apple Support

Can you access the Web Administration interface of the Nucleus using a web browser? Enter the IP address of the Nucleus into the browser.

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Thank you, no I cannot connect through the finder

Thank you Geoff, no I cannot. Assuming I am doing it correctly at least.


After, say, restating your computer (which operating system do you have?) can you not get to Roon’s settings, then Setup and Find Roon OS then single-click on the ‘Find’ button at its right?

Have you ever been able to do so? Have you recently migrated to Nucleus from another setup?

Silly question, for which I apologize, but given its subdued lighting, are you sure that the Nucleus has not, perhaps, been inadvertently powered down at some point?!

At which point does the workflow which Geoff linked to fail?

Thanks Mark - I’m using Ventura 13.5, restarted and opening the Roon app, when I click on ‘Roon->Settings’ nothing happens.

I’ve forgotten which URL to use in a web browser.

I did build an Intel NUC server in 2018, got it working for a few months and then I was not able to connect to it. I tried a few times over the years to get it to work and then three months ago gave up and bought Roon’s Nucleus in the hopes it would be a plug-and-play solution.

I got the Nucleus up and running with no problems, it worked for a few weeks and then started glitching in the middle of playback. Now for the past few weeks I can’t find it at all.

It is plugged in with a flashing green LED visible on the ethernet port. Power switch is illuminated in white. Ethernet cable checked. Sonos system and all other wifi devices still working normally.

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

It is probably best that Geoff guide you through the process of ascertaining whether - and I do hope not - you may have a faulty Nucleus, given that it started misbehaving. Changing the cables to it doesn’t help?

Good luck!

Can you connect a monitor or a TV to the HDMI port on the Nucleus and post a photo of any messages displayed? Thanks.

It took some fiddling, but I got "Roon can be accessed by opening any Roon Remote product. If you don’t see this device there, check “Roon OS devices on your network…Roon OS Web UI can be directly accessed at:

So good, I’ve go the URL. The Web UI reports OK for all OS, Server Software, Internal Music Storage, Roon Labs Software and Roon Database and Settings. Options are to Reinstall OS, restart Roon Server Software, format Internal Music Storage and reset Roon Database and Settings.

So your Nucleus is apparently up and running.

That “Waiting for Roon Server” message you mentioned - does that screen also have a “Select a different Roon Server” message on it? Perhaps you could post a screenshot so that we’re all on the same page with what you are seeing.

Thank you, I opened the Roon app on my iPad and, without me doing anything differently, it worked. There was a message re upgrading software for all devices, to which I clicked ‘ok’ and then on opening Roon on my iPhone and MacBook it works with both.

But I did not do ANYTHING to change its behavior.

Is it expected that Roon will simply stop working for the space of a few weeks or months, or that it will only work on one but no other devices?

Of course not.

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Thank you both above for donating your time and expertise.

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