Cannot connect to server smb://ROCK

Good morning Roon team
I am facing some issues with my ROCK machine.

Core Hardware : ROCK installed on NUCi3 as per your specs
Connection: Wired ethernet
Endpoint: Auralic Aries , Mac Mini, several smart speakers (Sonos/Bluesound)
Music Library: SSD connected to ROCK using USB ports

Description of the issue:
I cannot access my music folder at smb://ROCK/ from any of my Macs
The SSD seems to work fine and I can access its content via the Roon control app from Mac or iOS devices, however when I try the access from Finder I get an error saying " There was a problem connecting to the server “ROCK”.
This is preventing me from adding new music to my Library, as I cannot copy/paste any content.

Thanks for checking

Ok, I just fixed that mylf by changing the address from ROCK to the IP address of my Core machine.
However , why did this happen ? The Core machine was always found using the “ROCK” naming.


Hi @alessandro_niola,

Was there a recent update to your Mac devices or any recent change to your network setup? It seems like the Mac devices are having trouble resolving the ROCK name since the IP address works. and its Apple instantiation Bonjour, which do the name resolution, never in my experience of decades worked fully reliably between Mac and Linux.

Now that you mention that, yesterday I had to turn the gpower off for some electrical works and when I turned that back on, the IP address of the ROCK machine was different.

thanks I will have a read at that page

You might want to set a fixed IP address for the ROCK machine, if you can. In general, I set fixed IP addresses for all my Roon devices, but I have a router (Ubiquiti EdgeRouter) that makes it easy to do.

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