Cannot connect to Waversa Core SE Roon Server

Roon Server Machine

Waversa Core SE

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS AC16000

Connected Audio Devices

dCS Bartok APEX via network

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I can log into the Waversa and all is well I can see my Roon Server as per image below.
However no report device can connect to the Server. I’ve tried iOS, MacOS, Windows all fail …

So what happens when you touch/select the Connect button showing in your screenshot? What messages do you get?

When you hit connect the orb appears and then nothing happens I’m out of options. The last time I had an issue like this it was related to an update. All was well last night and broken this morning

The reason I’m leaning to an update issue is that the core is extremely hot as if there’s a process that’s runaway. That was one symptom in the past that is repeating itself.

I have turned it off instead of cooking its internals. If support wants it turned on ill do so.

The cpu usage is hovering at %50 doing nothing. This is the same problem I had on a previous rock server with runaway processes.

I’ve reinstalled Waversa Core software via update and nothing has changed. CPU usage is very high and the device is doing no core functions as it’s been relegated to standby while I wait for a software update to try to load it

Today when I booted up the device, the cpu cycles were down to 1% from 70% and it was working correctly. Problem has resolved.please close this thread.