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I have a new Nucleus that I want to connect to my Cambridge Audio streamer CXNv2.

My Nucleus is connected by ethernet cable from my router.

From the Nucleus I have connected to the streamer using a usb cable.

I also have a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Plus that I can use as it has the same dac as the streamer.

I contacted Cambridge Audio to see if the streamer could be the problem and they just said the problem is Roon.

On the streamer, I get the message, (ROON ready) Play audio by selecting CXNv2 as your Roon Ready output device. I’m unsure how I select the output device.


Can you share a screen shot of Settings>Audio?
The Roon Ready devices are usually near the bottom. Do you see the CXNv2 there?

This is not needed for Roon Ready devices. Just connect the Nucleus and the CXNv2 to the same network.

Apologies for my lack of experience but where am I looking to seeSetting>Audio

The Nucleus is connected to the network with ethernet cable. The CXNv2 is connected to the network over wifi.

In Roon. Left side of the screen, three ‘hamburger bars’. Scroll down to near the bottom and you’ll see Settings.
You need to spend some quality time in Settings getting everything set up. First you need to set up the Audio. That’s about the seventh choice down. It will look something like this:

We need to see if the CXN is recognized by Roon. If it is, click the Blue Enable bar.

To be clear if I connect the Nucleus by ethernet cable and the streamer with wifi to the same network that should be fine?

What’s your definition of fine? If you plan to play high-res audio then it’s not recommended (read also: Networking Best Practices). As of your first post where you mentioned that you have connected the Nucleus and the CXNv2 by USB (and the limited length of USB cables), I assume that it is possible to connect the CXNv2 by Ethernet wire too. You should do that when possible – add a small unmanaged switch to your setup if needed.
If this is a sound quality question then use your ears and find out. There is no “fits for all” “always true” rule for each and any setup.

Note: Your WiFi setup may work for your use case – try it out but keep in mind that the first troubleshooting step should be to connect the CXNv2 by wire if you encounter any problems with playback to that zone.

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