Cannot Control Roon Server from App (ref#OF6VT7)

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I cannot control my roon server from the roon app

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i don’t know, i am evaluating your software. and running out of patience

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display port to hdmi stereo

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It’s just what kind of Mac you have

What happens? The Roon app on what device?

Are you talking about the same issue as you did here in your other thread?

Roon server working, Roon app working, Ropieee almost there.

First subscription service I have signed up for with no real technical support. The support search apparently is what happened to alta vista when they lost the search wars in 1999 to yahoo.

I am trying to evaluate this in the 2 week window. I need something that is apparently complex yet part of the glossy brochure. I can’t find schematics of complex systems. I don’t know what products I need to buy. I don’t know the limitations of the system. I need a repl loop of minutes, not 24 hours thru this tech support mechanism.

I can’t find long form documentation. I don’t understand the words that were made up to make sense of the architecture that I can’t find schematics form. So, how do I get into this and make the best use of the 2 week trial?

In case you couldn’t find Roon’s knowledge base:

i found that. how does it answer the following question:

I would like a bluetooth channel selector in order to finesse a spotify solution due to a hard spotify requirement that cannot be negotiated with and does not fit with the aesthetic of roon. do i have to write this, what are the minimum requirements of roon necessary for me to mock a full blown roon implementation to check whether or not my spotify solution will work?

Due to this, roon cannot own any decision in my system. I need to find the places where roon has assumed ownership about certain decisions that will affect this.

Plugging a stereo in does not answer that question. Where do I read about the components I need without having to delineate in this forum every last thing I want to do?

Roon is a source (music player) like a CD or Cassette player in traditional HiFi setups. It currently integrates (plays) from the following sources:

  • local files
  • internet radio stations
  • Qobuz streaming service
  • Tidal streaming service

Currently Roon does not support input sources (you cant use Bluetooth to play to Roon for example). Spotify is also not supported.

To me it sounds like you want a Roon Ready streamer (see Roon’s partner site for options) in front of your Stereo that can provide you additionally with Bluetooth and Spotify. Such a streamer would then allow you to switch between your various sources (Roon, Bluetooth, Spotify and probably more).

I hope this answers your questions so far.

PS: You can also search the forum to find existing threads about streamer recommendations and other users experiences with them.

so, i have speakers that are bluetooth, say the Klipsch the One that comes with usb dac, rca, bluetooth, etc. There are several of these. How does hooking up a streamer to my hifi rig fix this?

please understand, that i am not looking for something simple. if i wanted a hifi streamer, i wouldn’t be looking at roon due to its aesthetic limiting the catalog. i am looking for a multi-device media situation that doesn’t want to own the system.

i was hoping there was a value prop for the subscription to the service, but republishing the tidal ui for 140$/yr isn’t what i’m looking for. i can get better components and better ui experience for a single output than what is offered, cheaper.

i’m looking for multiple output control. you appear to have a development environment for a pi so i can escape your aesthetic and have a downgraded spotify bluetooth solution on bluetooth speakers with a built-in DAC. the pi would “mux,” if you will, multiple bluetooth connections and roon. that would be the value i see. if i am incorrect and that this is not how i should think about roon, i will be happy to move on and cxl my subscription.

the ability to trade off flexibility for quality is what i am looking for. roon does this already, just very, very narrowly.

i have noticed something already that is a bit of a red flag. ephemeral connections, for instance, are something that roon would need to be able to handle in my design. i have already noticed that it is inconsistent in recognizing display port on the mac, for instance. i have accumulated 2 different outputs for my stereo. depending on when i look, i either see “stereo” or “marantz” in the output–each keeping separate state. i’m not certain where the disparity comes from since for the dp and hdmi protocols to work, the devices need to announce who they are. i can stream music through both, so the name is resolved two different ways leading to two different descriptions for the same device.

i’m not interested in any of the ui republishing features unless i can use this to control quite a few devices. i can already control dozens of things individually across dozens of uis with less complexity and fewer components. if roon doesn’t reduce the number of uis i have to look at for all my speakers, then i don’t need it.

Roon is just software and not hardware. If you want to play to Bluetooth speakers for example, you need to run Roon on hardware with Bluetooth (output) support that you then can play to (with the required conversion into a lossy audio format). There is currently no Spotify support in Roon. In general Roon is designed as music player software. It can work as a digital preamp, sort of, for the supported sources I listed above but not as a whole-house preamp for each and every device, be it source or output, you might have in-house.

I don’t understand what you try to get at here. I know of no audio device that mixes various sources into one output. For output, there might be devices that are capable of providing the same signal simultaneously over several of them. Roon can also group outputs of the same type (AirPlay with AirPlay, Roon/Roon Ready with Roon/Roon Ready, …). But again, Roon is software and not hardware. If your hardware is capable of doing what you want and is compatible to Roon you can just try Roon as you already have it. As it seems though, you are still on the search for the right hardware to fulfill all your needs.
I leave it at that here as I’m not very versed when it comes down to current audio equipment. I’m sure other forum members are better suited to help you here but in general I don’t see why you post this into the support category, your HiFi dealer seems to be the person you should discuss such question with IMHO.

Moving this to software discussion.

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