Cannot Create Account or Install to PCD or iPad

I think I have established a ROON account. I cannot get it installed on my PC (Windows 10) or my iPad Pro 9 with the latest OS. I’m being asked questions that bI have no idea what the answers are. I am currently using BlueSound Os to control my Fault 2. I( cannot connect ROON to the Vault 2, nor can I connect after entering IP addresses. This is always an operator error on my part, but how about some help to walk me through the process? This was supposed to be a 30 day gift, but each time I try to log on I’m told that I’m running on a 14 day trial basis. I need some assistance. Thank you.

To run Roon on your network, you’ll need to have one device set to be the Core – are you trying to set that up on the Windows machine? What have you tried for installing Roon on the Windows device, and where are you getting stuck?

If you need more information about what the Core is, you can take a look at our Knowledge Base.

Just let us know what you’ve tried so far, and we can help from there @Michael_Igoe. Thanks!

I also cannot get Roon installed on my iPad Pro. This is really frustratingl. Thanks for any guidance.

Hi Michael,

For the iPad you simply go to the Apple App Store and download the Roon app, same as you would any other app.

Roon on any iOS device is for remote control purposes only.

Once you have set up your CORE on your PC, you should be able to set it up to detect Roon Remotes AKA you iPad. Read here:

You can read about Roon Remotes here:

Please bare in mind that Roon will only run on certain later model iPads, read here for more info:

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