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When I try to set up a backup using the Roon application on my PC, I only get the choice of DropBox or network storage. I cannot add any local drive or other online storage such as OneDrive. Please tell me how to do this as there is no such option available on my Roon applicaiton. I can only click “DropBox” or Network Storage.

  • Mike H.

Thanks, Jim. I plugged a 2 TB drive into my Nucleus+ and it seems to be working. That’s a big help. But I think my Roon software should allow local backup on my PC. Again, Thanks!!! - Mike H.

BTW, Roon doesn’t say how much space is needed for the backups. The only DropBox I have now is 2 GB. - Mike H.

Because I had a corrupted backup for all of my backup iterations, I went overboard in my scheme -

Calliope is my Roon Core, but Arrakis is a separate WIN10 PC.

To back up to a drive on another networked machine -

  1. Set on sharing of the folder on the machine where the drive is. Give necessary permissions.
  2. In Settings==>Backups==>View==>Add==>Browse==>Add Network Share
  3. Use the share name that resulted from Step #1.
  4. Don’t forget appropriate id/password

OneDrive is not supported.

Hi @Michael_Harkins,

The only online service available to use with Roon backups is DropBox.

While you’re using the PC as a remote device, the backups themselves are created on the Core machine, so the only drives that will automatically show up are local drives (like the USB drive you used). If you want to back up to the PC you’ll have to add this as a network share.

We have information about creating a Windows share here in our KB.

Thanks. I’ll try your suggestion. Yes, I am using the PC as a remote device to the Nucleus+.

  • Mike H

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