Cannot delete albums added from Qobuz

For me, if I add albums from Qobuz I can NOT delete them either - happening across all Qobuz favourites.
Removing the album as a favourite within Qobuz removes them within Qobuz app but they remain within Roon.

Edit: rebooting Roon server removes the albums - maybe because I removed them in Qobuz. Not sure.

Further edit: after rebooting, I tried to delete a Qobuz favourite within Roon and … it removed it. Must have something to do with Roon database becoming muddled or it’s handshaking with Qobuz.

I have exactly the same problem…unfortunately my request was not posted and the support is silent and silent… :persevere:

I received a ‘Your problem is solved email’ due to my further edit, I guess. Seemed a little rushed, I have to say.
However, Harfenklang, the reboot really does appear to have solved the problem for me (UK based): added some albums this morning and just tried removing one of them - worked without issue.
Maybe log out of Qobuz and log back in (after rebooting the Roon server)?

Hello Tim, thanks for your reply! I don’t think rebooting solves the problem…I reboot my ROON Core twice a day…and this issue remains…

If I have added an album to library and delete it after a very short time, then that’s possible. But if it has been played and has already been in the library for a few hours or days, then it is no longer possible…

Best regards, Lorenz.

You are correct!
Just tried removing an older album and the same problem cropped up.
This issue has NOT been solved.
Thank you for pointing this out to me Harfenklang. I’ll get onto support, again.

Lorenz - Just replied to the email received by Roon support who closed my original request down as solved - so I couldn’t communicate through that thread.
Hopefully someone will pick this up and escalate the issue.

Goto Album → edit → re-scan. Then, try again to delete.


Nope, doesn’t work…

beside Indentify album, have you tried also to re-scan, re-identify and re-analyze? And then once again give a try?

Not the answer you want to hear I suspect, but adding releases from streaming services to Roon is problematic, especially Qobuz as the release version can change meaning the library version is unplayable and will be cleaned from the library if you do a cleanup, messing up playlists as well.
I have no favourites in Qobuz at all, not even in the app, my Roon library consists of music I own, I have Qobuz on Roon to supplement my own library but never add Qobuz releases to my Roon library.
My library is now 100% stable with none of the issues and I can play Qobuz through Roon just fine.
I’m not the only person to give up on adding releases from streaming services to Roon.

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This is the reason I abandoned favourites in Qobuz as it made a real mess of my library. I was attempting to delete unavailable albums via Roon and they would all come back on next Qobuz sync.

It happens when an album gets deleted from Qobuz but it’s id is still active and Roon gets in a real state as it still sees the id but files don’t exist. The only way I managed to do it was do a full clean out using Soundiiz of my entire favourites. Then did a delete in Roon. You might be able to do this for those specific albums.

I have found that Roons grouping can also cause issue when files change in services and if you have grouped day different versions together and ones been removed I could not remove it without ungroup it.


The message for me when trying to remove the album that is located at Qobuz, is “Cannot find the file”. After I try to remove, I sill see the albums. I made a test to restore a database once form newly made backup. After that the deleted Albums where gone. This tell me it can be your Album is saved also in some kind of index and when you make a deletion, it’s deleted from your database but the deletion is not carried thru to the index. I deal daily with this kind of issues with different kind of index engines in cloud environments. Should not be any issue to fix it for a developer. If it is an bigger issue then there is probably some big problem with the system architecture.

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If you check in settings/library and cleanup does it show you albums to cleanup? This removes them permanently from Roons database table and any history related to it

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People in this thread don’t have the well known problems. They can’t delete anything, including albums that are available and that they just added, which is a new thing

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It’s all related to the Qobuz integration in Roon, whether it’s the fault of Qobuz or Roon or both, it doesn’t matter, it’s a dire experience if you have Qobuz favourites in your library.

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The point is that this is a new issue that affects a few users and not the known general one when deleting unavailable albums. So I guess this needs to be looked into by Roon

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Hey @Tim_Chapman,

Thanks for writing in and for your patience so far! If you could, please reproduce your issue of not being able to delete an album from Qobuz - and share the specific album title you’re having the issue with, and the approximate time.

From there, we’ll enable a fresh diagnostic report and review for further information. Thanks! :pray:

About 10:34 am (UK time)

Album - Mozart & Poulenc: Double & Triple Piano Concertos (PentaTone; Kent Nagano).

Thanks @Tim_Chapman, we’ll take a closer look!

In the meantime, with re-reading your thread so far:

If you remove a favorite in Qobuz, and then head into your Roon Settings>Qobuz>Edit> Sync manually now

Do you still run into this issue? Or, is the album you unfavorited already removed from your library?


I have the same problem and can only say that the manual synchronization with Qobuz does not work at all! Only when I restart the ROON Core will synchronize.

But I had an idea…which devices are used by the people who are affected by this “not possible to delete” problem?

I use a self-built NUC ( i3 ) as a core…could it perhaps be a hardware problem?