Cannot edit artist genres properly. Unwanted Genre keeps popping back

In trying to remove the Comedy/Spoken Genre from Dave Weckl’s artist page…

I hit Edit… and untick the Genre

…hit Save and now there is an additional Spoken Word Genre

And if I try to remove that, Comedy/Spoken comes back, ad infinitum.

Hi @soundserge,

I’ve just removed “comedy/spoken” and “spoken word” from Weckl’s artist page. I unticked both genres at once and it worked.

Now I’ve added “jazz-rock” and “jazz-funk”. This worked, too.

Thanks. I had to add Comedy/Spoken back then Save it. At this point the Edit screen had Comedy/Spoken listed twice, once as a Roon Genre and once as a user Genre. I unticked both Comedy/Spoken Genre es as well as Spoken Word and now they are both gone.

Something odd here, but this works.

Ha. But then if I add Jazz Funk and Jazz Rock like you did, Comedy/Spoken and Spoken Word pop back!

This is how you can solve this problem. First you need to click on “revert edits”. Then remove the genres you want to get rid of and add the ones you want to have instead. Do both the unticking and adding of genres IN ONE GO BEFORE you click on save. It’s weird, but if you try to do the whole thing in two steps the unticked genres show up again… :thinking:

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Seems that way, yes. This is a bug though right? A minor one, but still unintended behavior.

Yes, very probably.

My vote would be an eventual software fix. That’s well beyond intuitive.

I’ve moved this thread to Support, and I’m flagging @support. I agree that this is a bug. I will list the steps involved.

  1. View an Artist, click 3 dots menu and select Edit.
  2. Scroll to Genres and uncheck a genre to remove and click Save.

  1. View the Artist and see that the Genre (Album Rock) is gone, as expected.

  1. Go back and Edit Genres again and you will see that Album Rock (Unchecked) no longer shows. This is in contrast to Editing an Album. When you Edit an Album, the Genre remains and shows as unchecked.

Album Rock removed from Artist:

Album Rock removed from an Album:

  1. Now, lets remove another Genre from the Artist. In this example, Art Rock.

Notice Art Rock is gone, but Album Rock has returned:

  1. The above all occurred when Editing Roon Genres. For fun, lets add Jazz. Notice that it works, but also Art Rock has returned.

So, it appears that there is a bug here and editing genres in Artists is not working the same as editing genres in Albums.

Support, let me know if you need any more information.

Cheers, Greg

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