Cannot enable audio devices in ROCK

Hi, I have just installed the ROCK server onto an Intel NUC. I have used exactly the supported hardware with a 64Gb SSD for the database and an internal drive for the music content. I have updated the BIOS to latest versions etc.
The server seems to be running for however I cannot enable audio devices. All my devices appear in the Audio config screen, but when I select ‘enable’ I just see ‘enabling…’ for ever. Just stays there. I have a Chord 2Qute DAC which I am trying to use, but the other audio such as HDMI does the same thing.

I wonder if there is something missing from the installation?

Can anyone help please?
In case its helpful, I did find this in the RAATserver_log:
16:57:35 Trace: [jsonserver] [] GOT[LL] [2] {“request”:“enable_device”,“device_id”:“hw:CARD=D2Qute,DEV=0”,“subscription_id”:“1”}
07/26 16:57:35 Warn: [raatmanager] can’t start device without a config
07/26 16:57:35 Trace: [jsonserver] [] SENT [2] [nonfinal] {“status”: “DeviceInitFailed”}

Have you checked you are running the latest Roon version on the core and any remotes?

Well I’m running Version 1.4 (build 298), updated last night

That is not the latest, using a remote go into settings, about and you should see the option to update.
Just a thought is that on an IOS device? If so you need to go to IOS 11.4.1 to get the 1.5 version of Roon first then go into settings, about and update the core if necessary.

Bingo - just updated to 1.5 and it works - Thanks. I had already updated last night when I installed it so I thought I had the latest version.

No problem, glad you are sorted.

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