Cannot export from Roon to micro SD card

Core Machine

Mac Mini M1 2020 (specs see imag

MacOS Big Sur 11.4
Roon Nucleus with internal 2TB SSD


Schermafbeelding 2021-07-02 om 17.11.20

Network Details

FritzBox router
Unify Switch 8 60W

Audio Devices


Library Size

5609 albums, 53k tracks

Description of Issue

When I want to export albums or tracks I select them using Focus. Bookmarks are used to save a Focus selection.
I bring up the bookmark or I make a selection of albums or tracks I want to copy. All these files will be on my internal storage of the Nucleus.
After selecting the tracks or albums I click on the three dot-menu and select export. I choose the destination micro SD and hit the purple button Export. The exporting screen comes up but Roon crashes. No files copied. Forced quit needed for Roon.

Hi @Robert_van_Riel

Let’s see if the problem here is with the export function, or if your system doesn’t like the micro SD card. Can you try exporting your files to a different location? Say a USB drive?

How big are the aggregate files you’re moving? What’s the capacity of your microSD card?

Also, your description of your Core is confusing. Is Roon operating on your Mac Mini M1 or on the Roon Nucleus with internal 2TB SSD that you describe?

Thanks for looking into it, Kirsten. Your reply got me testing the connection between the microSD-card, the card writer and the USB-hubs and now, the copying works.

My Nucleus is my core; my card writer is connected to my Mac. Changing the card writer to a different USB-hub, connected to the MacM1 instead of a USB-hub connected to my LED Cinema display made the difference. So far, copying files from Roon to the microSD-cards works!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Kirsten!