Cannot export playlist.. revisited

In the past I had no problem exporting a playlist however that is not the case anymore and it hasn’t worked for me for quite sometime. If I try to export ONE song in a playlist I have a 50/50 chance of it being successfully exported. If I attempt to export the entire playlist regardless of the size of the playlist, could be 5 songs or 50 or 100 songs, it fails EVERY time. I’ve seen this reported in the past. I’ve recently replied to an old thread and support responded with:

"Thanks for your patience here! I just checked the status of the ticket and I see that it’s actively being worked on.

As per policy, I can’t comment on when the work on the ticket will be fully completed and ready for release, but there have been recent updates, so it is making it’s way through the queue!"

That thread was started on March 15… thats 7 months ago. Is anyone else having this same problem? At this point the option to Export a playlist should just be removed until it actually works?

I am having same problem here
In the past I was able to export while my cd list to new hard drive. that is 2Terabyte worth without any issue.
I can not export just one album now it is 50/50 chance before it stuck and not progressing until I had to force quit roon
This seems like issue for multiple months and roon is not addressing this issue . That is so frustrating

Well I guess after 9 months, Ronn Support can say what they want but as far as I’m concerned there is no way they have been 'actively working on it. This is disappointing at best.