Cannot find any network

Lately I updated MacBook OS and reinstalled Roon while purchasing license.
Checked router and confirmed all devices bundled well. MacBook can also find all airplay devices like Apple TV, airport express and other network streamer, Onkyo tx-8150.
I played well before but now I cannot find any attached network in audio setup.
Please help me how to get out of this issue.

Don’t know mac but this sounds like a firewall issue, turn it off and see what happens or check that Roon and RAAT are allowed through.


Hi @Beomchang_Kang ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. I second John’s (@Sloop_John_B) theory, as this does sound like a security / firewall issue.

As suggested by John, I would disable any active firewalls or security applications (temporarily) to see if there are any changes in behavior here :microscope: Let me know how it goes!