Cannot find core

Core Machine

Dell R710 with 96Gb RAM and 2 x Xeon cpus
Running ROON docker under UNRAID

Network Details

Netgear Gigabit Switches with wired network

Audio Devices

PC, Mobile Phone and Raspberry Pi running Ropieee

Description of Issue

I turned selected ROON app on my PC and it came up with you need to update but I clicked past that ie I did not update and now I cannot find the core on either my PC or my Mobile phone. Not sure if the RaPi can see it.

The core is running, I have restarted it, and rebooted the server but i just get the “Waiting for remote core” message.

What should I try?

That is what I am seeing when I look at the Log for the Roon Server

mmm the server will not start now.

What are my options?

Hey @RidleyRumpus,

I am mortified that we didn’t get a chance to reply until today, especially in a matter as important as being unable to use your Core. Please, accept my sincere apology :pleading_face:

I am so sorry about the trouble…while I am hopeful that this is no longer the case, if it is, we’d love another chance to help. Please, let us know :nerd_face: