Cannot find devices from roon remote

My Roon Core is a Mac mini that is always on with Roon running. Lately, though, when I open the mobile app, I get a message stating that Roon cannot find any devices. My fix is to go to my Mac mini, shut down and restart Roon.

Does anyone have a better fix for this issue?

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computer is a mac mini M1 chip. 16gb ram, today upgraded to ventura 13.1

using an apple time machine as a router. computer is plugged via CAT7.

I am using a current gen node, current gen powernode, and an NAD C658… Each device is plugged into a CAT7 coming from a NetGear GS108 switch and an Xfinity router. I have a dragonfly DAC plugged into the mac mini as well. I use Tidal and Qobos.

My music library is mostly streamed from the aforementioned services. I have a handful of albums (less thank 10) saved on my hard drive.

Have you restarted everything (Mac, mobile, router) lately or are these running forever??

You mentioned two routers which will / can cause problems.

Please go into great detail explaining exactly what is plugged into what, what wifi networks you have setup, what wifi network your mini m1 core is attached to when working / not working (idealy you’ve turned wifi off on the mini m1), and any other details… probably some work here to flatten and stabilize your network will solve this issue.

Also, exactly what model time machine from what year?

I’m leaving this here as we may need it later how to setup up time capsule as a time ma… - Apple Community

The Xfinity router is also my modem. From there I have 2 wired access points, each one is a time machine. The wireless credentials are identical on all routers through the house. The mac mini is hard wired to the router. I DID have wifi turned on… I have just turned it off. The model of the time capsule just says Airport Time Capsule 802.11ac

OK, so using it as an AP / switch is fine. Using it as router will cause you issues (double router problem).

The link I provided above shows the screenshot of setting the time capsule to bridge mode. Can you please confirm what the current setting is. I don’t want to break anything on your network but if you’re in anything other than bridge mode… I think that would be the next step to put your time capsules into bridge mode (turn router off).

I use the 2 time capsules as wired access points. My house is too large to have only one wireless signal. I had not had any issues with this up until a few months ago…

Hi @george_mautner,

I apologize for the delay in getting you a response from Roon. We appreciate your patience and patronage.

I have had some interesting experiences with my Comcast/Xfinity setup. I use a separate router like you do (ASUS) and had the hardest time getting my Comcast modem working properly in bridge mode.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Make sure that Comcast modem is in bridge mode. The devices on your Roon setup are all using the proper internal IP schemes so you’re for sure connecting to Apple (192.168.0.x scheme) and not the Comcast 10.x.x.x scheme. That said, if the modem isn’t in bridge mode, traffic is going to get really confused. Please note, at least in my situation, intervention from Comcast was required. My changing it to bridge mode via my Xfinity Application and the now defunct WebUI for Xfinity was killing my internet altogether.

  2. I too had an issue after upgrading to Ventura. I use Kaspersky internet security and when I upgraded, the firewall and filters applied to my Network System Settings caused traffic to start/stop repeatedly. Double-check those settings as pictured below and if nothing else, temporarily disable them to see if it results in a change. If you are hard-wired, also try disabling Wi-Fi while you’re here.


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