Cannot Find My Roon Nucleus Again

Roon Core Machine

Sn 54B2039C539A

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Directly plugged into Frontier router

Connected Audio Devices

McIntosh MA 12000
Connected via USB

Number of Tracks in Library

2000 tracks?

Description of Issue

Second time this has happened. Reread 1st thread and retried everything - nothing is working

Roon is not findable on my phone, computer or via the IP address list of connected devices. It started on November 2, 2021. I unplugged everything and re-plugged everything in to see if it would re-set. I did this a few times.

The last thread suggested I connect the Nucleus+ via HDMI into a monitor to see what it says. The monitor is not picking up a signal - the screen is on and has “searching for a signal” displayed.

Please help

I can

This sounds like a hardware defect to me, but all those who had such an incident themselves know more and I also appreciate this knowledge sharing.

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If there is nothing at all on the monitor then unfortunately it does sound like a ssd failure.
You may need to contact the dealer you bought it from to seek further guidance on what hopefully is warranty work.
Good luck

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This happened again yesterday. 11/2/21. Unplugged everything, plugged everything back again and waited to come home today. Can’t find Roon again. Went the the IP address website and the Roon Nucleus is not on the list of devices connected to the router (the Nucleus is hard-wired).

Frustrated. This can’t happen every 2 months.

Roon Support: please contact me.

Hey @Brian_Helgoe,

Thank you so much for posting on this thread as soon as the issue reoccurred… this is if, indeed, the issue was temporarily resolved since September. If not, I have grossly misunderstood the messages on this thread :pleading_face: . Please know we’re very sorry we didn’t get a chance to be active here.

Could you please connect an external monitor or a TV via HDMI to the Nucleus and share a photo of what’s displayed here? :pray:

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Add images


Not a very interesting photo.

The issue did resolve, then reoccurred this week.

Hello @Brian_Helgoe ,

Thank you for sharing that picture, and for your patience here while this has my queue. I’ve moved some posts over from your last thread to this one so that we can have all the information available here.

If there is nothing being displayed via the HDMI screen, it sounds like there could be a hardware issue impacting the unit. What was the date of purchase of this unit? Did you purchase it directly from us via Amazon/Web store or through a dealer?

If you purchased it from a dealer, please get in touch with the dealer directly, return the unit to them and we can walk them through some hardware troubleshooting options. Thank you!

Dear Roon team,

I delivered the device to my dealer last week. I was informed today from the dealer that after all the steps, the Nucleus is dead. The dealer is waiting for response.

Please act quickly. This is taking too long.

Hi @Brian_Helgoe ,

Thanks for the update here, it sounds like we will need to send the unit into our RMA center for further evaluation/repair.

Can you please confirm the date of purchase of this unit? I will follow up with the dealer directly regarding the shipping info, thanks!

Purchased in June 2021

Why can’t you send a refurbished unit today?

Hi @Brian_Helgoe ,

We are working with your dealer to ship it to our processing center for further evaluation. We don’t have any spare units we can send while the repair takes place, but all repairs should be completed within 3 business days of recipt to our RMA center then sent back out.

Sometimes, the dealer has opted to provide a loaner Nucleus to clients when a unit has to go in for repair, but you would need to check with the dealer to see if they have a spare Nucleus in stock and are willing to loan it to you.

Thank you for your understanding.

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