Cannot find Roon core on iPod

I’m having trouble connecting to the Roon Core while trying to set up Roon on an iPod Touch (7th Generation), software version 15.7.1. I want to use the iPod as an end point to play to Bluetooth speakers. I already have Roon on my iPhone and can access the core and use the app without a problem. However, when launching Roon on the iPod Touch, it searches for the core but never connects. I have also tried to scan via IP address,, but it still cannot find the core. As a side note, on the same iPod I am able to use Roon ARC. Any help is greatly appreciated.

@David_Proud, as the ARC app is able to see your Core, I don’t believe you have a network issue. I believe you may you have a mismatch in the Roon Remote application versions between your Core and your iPod Remote. Can you check that you are running the current production version of Build 1259 on your Core and on your iPod? If not, you should update each to the B1259 version.

Thanks. I am on Build 1259. I am unable to verify on the iPod because each time I launch the Roon app it searches for the core.

I deleted the app and reinstalled and it found the core. Thank you for your help.

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