Cannot find zone picker to group zones

I don’t know why everything in roon must be so confusing. What is a zone picker? I want to group 2 devices so that I can play them at the same time. I click on the help and I simply do not see what the help shows. When I click on what I think is a zone, which is simply each device, I only see a list of other devices nothing else. The help screen shows something labelled zones and then a group zones link icon. I see nothing like that. I tried on a phone and the windows application. I find this so unnecessarily difficult.

Click on the chain links. If you don’t get a chance to group zones, it’s because only like zones can be grouped.

Roon has its own idiosyncratic way of doing things. Not confusing (after awhile).

As always, Google is your friend.

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Thanks for the reply. I suppose Roon thinks I don’t have ‘like’ zones. I don’t know what that means either. I have 2 nvidia shields and I don’t see a way to link those. The little group link you have in the screen shot I don’t see. I have googled a lot but I just don’t get the lingo. Why would 2 identical devices not be ‘like’ zones?

Roon can communicate with your audio devices in different protocols: Roon RAAT, AirPlay, Chromecast.
(There may be others, I’m not sure, but those are the most common)
You can only group zones using the same protocol (‘like zone’)
Therefore, for example, you can’t group AirPlay with Chromecast.

I don’t use Nvidia Shield so this next part is just a guess and may not be applicable to you but if you look in Roon Settings>Audio you may see your audio device can be enabled in different protocols.
In my case I have the Ropiee enabled to use RAAT (via ALSA) but I could enable it to use AirPlay.
You’ll want to have your devices enabled on the same protocol, if possible, if you want to group them.

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OK, I am getting somewhere. Thanks for your patience. I have 3 ‘zones’ volumio that allows airplay, and 2 nvidia devices that allow Chromecast streaming. They both show that in the settings–>audio. I still don’t see a way to group them. I will reboot my roon core and see if that helps. I still don’t see any group option on my zone listings.

I think you will find that you can group Volumio and you can group Nvidia, but not with each other.

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From the link in the post above yours:

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