Cannot get 1.7 to see new album artwork added to album file

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Salkstream III running some version on Linux

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Description Of Issue

I changed the album artwork in an album file and I cannot get Roon to see the new artwork. It just keeps showing the old artwork that no longer exists in that file. I’ve tried the following with no success:

Rescan album
Rescan watched drive
Deleted album from watched drive, cleaned library, then reloaded the album file to the watched drive.
Cleared photo cache then rebooted Roon.

No matter what I do the deleted album art persists and the new album art never shows up as an option.

Anything else I can try?

Hi @Saturn94,

Can you share a screenshot of the Edit Album page showing the album art section?

The file album artwork shown in this screenshot is the old artwork that I deleted from the file and replaced with a new photo. I don’t understand how Roon keeps showing the old photo that no longer exists in the file.

This is the photo that’s in the album file and should be showing in Roon, but is not;

Ok, this is strange…

When looking at the screen that shows the album and the tracks (not sure what that screen is called), I noticed beside the row of stars there was a small pic icon with the number 3 in it. I clicked on it and the available photos came up, including the new photo. Just above the photo I clicked on photo properties and it gave me the option to set it as the displayed album art. Now the correct album art is showing (the small photo icon next to the row of stars is gone now)

However, going back to the album photo edit screen the old photo still shows as an option even though the old photo doesn’t exist in the file

Thanks, @Saturn94.

Can you share a track from this album, along with the image that currently exists in the album folder, via a shared Dropbox link? You can send this link in a private message and the team can take a look.


I don’t have Dropbox. Is there another way to get the file to you?

Hi @Saturn94,

A link from any file sharing service would do (dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, etc.) — But if you don’t have any of those let us know how large the zipped file is and we can send further instructions from there.

Thanks Dylan.

Unfortunately, I don’t use any of those services.

I created a zip folder with one track (one of the shorter tracks) and the album art file currently in that album folder (the correct album art). The size is reported as 6.39MB.

Hi @Saturn94 — I sent you a PM with next steps.

Today I updated the album art file in another album. Just like before, Roon refuses to forget the old album art file that no longer exists in the album folder. Like above, I was able to work around getting the correct album art to display, but what a pain in the neck! It shouldn’t be this difficult to update album art.

It seems there’s some kind of bug where Roon will not remove deleted album art from the database.

I see l “solution” is checked on this thread, but the solution is clumsy at best.

Is it possible that your album has an ‘embedded album cover’ that has more pixels than the album cover picture that is in the same folder as music tracks?

Just as an example, in my library, the Anna Calvi - Hunter album folder looks like this:
with a folder.jpg picture of 3000x3000 pixels

I have the same picture embedded in the metada

I believe Roon is looking at its own DB and to the embedded picture in the metadata
I will prefer the biggest of the 2.
Additionally, you can choose to prefer the ‘album folder’ picture.

Maybe worth to check in your ‘problem’ example.

Ah, I didn’t know there could be pictures embedded in the metadata.

I checked the metadata for the problem album (Madame Butterfly) mentioned at the beginning of this thread and sure enough the incorrect image was there. I removed the embedded image and now the incorrect image no longer appears as an option. However, it seems odd that the correct image, which is included in the album folder, doesn’t show up as a file option (says “no image”). It shows to the right as an added image.

Other albums that have an image in the album folder, but no embedded image, show the image file included in the folder under the available Roon image, just where I expect to see it.

At least now I know to check for any embedded images before adding an album to my Watched Folder.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

PS - I would be nice if under the Album Editor any image files included in the album folder showed up as an option even if there is an embedded image included as well.

In my Madame Butterfly example, the correct image file included in the album folder would not show up as an option in the Album Editor. It only showed up after the work around I described in post #5.

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