Cannot get any further on ARC


Roon NUC Rock. Apple iOS and android clients.

Room is happy it can see the outside world. I can logon on ARC clients. However it just gets stuck on the first sync.

Suggestions ?

I remember this process took longer than I expected. How long has it been?

Hi @Ian_Gude1,

If you’re encountering a hang on the sync screen whilst connected to the same WiFi network as the ROCK, I suggest uninstalling/reinstalling ARC in case there are cached credentials or old data from a previous install.

How is this ROCK connected to the internet? If there are multiple routers, access points, or managed switches between the Core and the broader internet, it’s possible a device is performing filtering on certain requests and the handshake can’t be completed.

If you still encounter this after an ARC reinstall, post here and the team will dive into diagnostics from your Core. Thanks!

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It crashes out with the ‘issue occurred’ after anything between 5 and 30 minutes.


I have deleted and re-installed ARC app on the remote device many times. All OS and the Roon Core app are all up to date. All rebooted several times.

Roon Core is connected to an unmanaged switch, which is then connected to the router.

I can’t connect to the same Wi-Fi as I am away on vacation. But it didn’t work last time I tried that either.

I’m pretty IT literate and had it connected / port open on Day 1. I’ve just never been able to get any further.


In the roon remote app (not ARC) goto settings → Roon ARC: what does the test report state?

It can’t find the Core as I wouldn’t expect it to as I’m not at home. Works fine at home.

Any suggestions Connor ?

So I followed the instructions on another thread and removed the Roon Server files and built a new database with a small selection of albums. This connected fine so it was either a corrupted database or a problem album. I’ll add more and see if I can spot an issue.

So I’ve added more music.

Syncs fine still on Android app.

IOS app fails with ‘something went wrong’ on first sync.

I’ve no idea. I’ve removed app, restarted and reinstalled.

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