Cannot get DSD signal into my PSAudio DS

when I play a DSD album (DSF DSD 128 2ch) from my Mac mini I can see that a PCM signal reaches my PS Audio Direct Stream.
Connection by USD cable ( Mc Mini OS X El Capitan 10.11.4) to DS
from Roon I see that the signal is converted ( DSF DSD 128 converted to PCM before to reach the Output OS mixer)

I have already modified the Roon setup: Use exclusive mode, Output setting DSD over PCM V1.0 ( DoP)
max DSD sample rate up to 192K
all Volumes seems to be set at max

what could be wrong here?


Hey @christophe_renaud – it sounds like everything is set up properly, but maybe you’re using System Output. You said:

Can you confirm you’ve followed the steps described here? In particular, the last step is where you’re going to want to make sure you’re selecting the DS.

Let me know if that resolves this, and if not we’ll take a deeper look. Thanks!