Cannot get Roon Core to recognize my PS Audio as an audio output (zone)

Running Roon Core and client on a MacBook Air running Big Sur Ver 13.3.1. connected to my network using wireless.

Im trying to stream to a PS audio Direct Stream DAC with bridge II. Bridge is hard wired to my router as is my NAS.

Network - Netgear Nighthawk AXE11000 (not set to smart switching)

Music collect is on a Synology DS 220+

Roon finds all my music and presents it as available to play. It also logs onto QoBuz.

On some occasions Roon finds and connects (defaults) to my DAC and actually works. Sometimes for hours some time for minutes. However most of the time when I boot up, the audio system is not even presented as a zone?? It identifies my outside Sonos system, it plays on my MAC. Not sure what to do.


Hey @Howard_Craighead,

Welcome to the Roon community :wave:

Thanks for choosing to reach out and share with us the issue you ran into - so sorry about the trouble. I was wondering, how is your DAC connected to your Core? Is it over the network? If so, could you please try restarting your router?

If it’s connected by cable, do you by any chance have a different cable you could try?