Cannot get Roon running

Crashed the second I plugged in the 1st drive in (which has already loaded.)

Still can’t get it back up. I’m thinking I need to get some more RAM but I’d like a bit more guidance and I think you should update you recomedations especially the CIOs guidance as the recommended specs for large libraries could not even reliable handle 300k tracks.

Can i get some guidance please on next steps. @grossmsj @ged_hickman1 @wizardofoz, @noris

well as far as I can see most people have said you won’t get your full library of 700k plus tracks running on anything but a monster system. You’ve tried 300k on a NUC and that’s not working.
I personally think you took a very liberal view of large library in relation to a NUC in the first place, whilst wildly out of date the knowledge base actually mentions 12K as being large.

ROCK For Large Libraries (12k+ albums) or DSP Use

NUC isn’t going to cut it so either use a different program or buy hardware that is more suited.

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Thanks for speaking up. I think you are confused. I was asked how many tracks and you are showing it in albums and for DSP use… I didnt take a liberal view of anything. I searched the KB articles and I have been at this for over a year. I took the best recomendatiins I could. What would be more helpful is if I could get anyone to help me understand how to get this to work instead of telling me how big my collection is and that I should build a bigger machine…


Are you talking about getting it to work for your entire collection or a sub-set?
You can get a sub-set to work on the NUC, how many is going to be by trial and error I would have thought much on the lines of what you are doing now.
It’s hard to be precise as a lot of the growth in the database would I imagine be driven by the underlying tracks and their network of linkages. If you have a fairly obscure set of tracks with standalone artists then the increase in metadata linkages may be modest but if you had tracks with every popular session musician in the last 50 years in them then the web of interconnections is vast.

The escalation makes for a vast database, as below, and to cope with that you need a very fast processor running at high clock speeds, which you don’t get in a NUC.

Roon support may know more accurate estimates.

I am seeing a lot of mistaken information in this topic.

Here is my advice:

ROCK on a recent NUC based i7 will work fine for the 770k tracks @Ben_Katz has. It wont be super awesome, but it’ll work just fine.

The SSD for the Roon DB is probably way overkill at 256GB, but whatever.

The problem is RAM. Will probably need 16GB for that many tracks. I doubt you’d need 32GB, but you could splurge just to be safe. You already have a million dollars in music investment… $100 more shouldn’t be a big deal.

If you are crashing, your problem is almost surely RAM related.


Thanks Danny for weighing in. I will try it.


Ok. I went up to 16GB of ram. I would have 32GB but the store did not have them in stock. I know have about 600k tracks. @danny I was able to load the 2 drives I had done previously. I was able to listen to a few tracks but then the playback became choppy and the remote would lose connection and come back songs will start but then stop. Whats the next move Danny? @Rugby

Is it possible it is a problem with the computer I am running the remote on?

I have added RAM to my remote and while not perfect I played one track after another this evening. I will add another drive tomorrow @danny and see how it goes. Thanks again for the guidance.

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I would like add this might be off-topic that now that I am running the music through RAAT and not through Windows the sound is qualitively better.

I now have 3 drives up with 638k tracks. I haven’t run the audio analysis at all. It plays well but every so often it loses the audio source but it comes back right away. Am I reaching the limit @danny

Am I the only one still on this thread @ged_hickman1 @dylan @Rugby @danny

Well I, incorrectly, didn’t think it work at all so I’m not going to be of much use. :slightly_smiling_face:
What’s the current problem set?

Hi @Ben_Katz,

We recently released a Roon update today, Build 610, can you please try to update your ROCK to the latest build and let us know if you’re seeing the same issue?

All. I have loaded about 640K tracks and ot seems about the limit. I did not know there was a new build. I will install it this weekend. Are there speed anhancements In This build? The way it is now i lose connection to the output momentarily every so often which stops the playback. Irksome but not a deal killer.

Is this an update to the Core or the remote?

Read the posted notice.

I read the notice. I do not have as much experience as you do with Roon as I have only in the last few weeks been able to use it. It was not clear to me.