Cannot get Roon running

I read the notice. I do not have as much experience as you do with Roon as I have only in the last few weeks been able to use it. It was not clear to me.



Updates are always to the core and remotes as a lot of the features only work when they are on the same release level. Sleep timer in this latest release as an example.
Sometimes you will see Roon Bridge (that is the end point software that runs on raspberry pi etc) it doesn’t update very often and not in step with the core and remote.

Thanks. Can I update the core through the remote or do I need to somehow update the server


Update what you want.

Since Roon will constantly bug you about updates and because the news of the update is a surprise to you, I’m guessing you have automatic updates turned on.

Meaning your updates have probably happened already.


I had got Roon running albeit stiltingly (often it would stopped loading content and I would have to wait a few minutes for the interface to reload) but the music played. Last night, and I reproed it this morning, music starts and then stops saying its loading to slowly or there is a HW issue and skips the song. Any insight on whats going on @dylan @Rugby @danny

Hi @Ben_Katz,

Was this issue occurring on multiple zones or just one zone in particular?
What did the Signal Path look like when the issue occured?

Great questions I only use one zone as I only listen at my stereo. The signal path was irrelevant for the crash. I have sacd, flac, etc as the starting point and only one “path”. Let me know if you want further info on what my system looks like.

Hi @Ben_Katz,

What exactly do you mean by “crash”? I thought that you just experienced slow playback as per your last message:

If these were indeed the symptoms, then the Signal Path tells you what was happening with regard to processing speed and DSP.

Can you please check other zones if the issue re-occurs? You can even use the built-in speakers from one of your Roon Remotes as a test.

When I say crash I mean the song stops and I have to wait few minutes and try again. It can happen many times in a row. All of these changes in experience happened after the core update that I just did.

Yes. The zone doesn’t matter

Hi @Ben_Katz,

Can you please let me know the exact local time + date + track of the next issue and then send me a set of your ROCK logs by using these instructions? I would like our technical team to review for further clues in the logs, thanks!

I will do that. It will probably be monday.

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I have been playing the system since 2:00pm EST first song that failed was around 2:10 I will continue playing with it. Ill let you know when I stop

Froze at 245. The song is playing but it just says loading artist if it goes as usual it will resolve in a few minutes

Froze completely at 250 or so.

The song it was switching to was I Dont Care Anymore by Phil Collins. It then started to play it said it was loading too slowly and went to Shining Star EWF which cut out after 30 secs and failed.

Now would be the time to log it a few songs just failed in a row.

I have gotten to the log folder but I don’t have an option to send to a zip file. I might need more help

Tagging @support in case they’re not seeing this conversation you’re having with yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

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