Cannot get Roon to see iPad and iPad mini as separate devices/endpoints

I just bought an iPad 10.2” (2019 model). I also have an iPad Mini 2 and an iPhone 6s. All on latest iOS and latest Roon build.

Roon has no trouble seeing the mini and phone as separate devices, but it doesn’t see the iPad and iPad mini as separate devices. If I only have Roon open on one of the iPads, I can select the iPad zone (only one listed) and it will play to that iPad. But if I have Roon open on both iPads, it only shows one iPad zone and won’t play to either; it just skips through tracks without playing anything.

How do I get Roon to see the iPad and iPad mini as separate zones?

I guess I should flag @support


I deleted the Roon app on the new iPad then reinstalled it. Now it’s working correctly; iPad, iPad Mini 2, and iPhone 6s are now showing up as separate zones. :+1:

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