Cannot get sound from audio interface even after uninstalling roon


I tried the free trial of roon. Now after the end of the trial and after uninstalling roon I cannot play via my audio interface except through Cubase pro. I know that you in roon can select exclusive mode so it takes complete control over your audio interface. This was the default mode when I used roon. I only learned about it after uninstalling roon. How can I get my audio interface back and running again? I have reinstalled the drivers.

Desperately in need of help!

Hey @Hakan_Andersson – that doesn’t sound right, but I can try to help you figure out what’s going on here. Can you let me know the details of your setup, and exactly how you uninstalled Roon?

My setup is PC win 10 using universal audio Apollo interface. When uninstalling roon I realized that I only checked the first box not uninstalling settings. I reinstalled roon and uninstalled it again checking both boxes.

Please, I really need help with this. I installed roon again opening a new free trial. This allowed me to deactivate Exclusive mode in windows and then I could get sound from other players. I uninstalled roon again and nothing worked. I installed roon again but still nothing works and I can’t deactivate Exclusive mode because the Advanced tab does not show. What should I do?? This is driving me crazy sine I cannot listen to or work with my music!!

I can appreciate your frustration my only help is to assure you that from my experience the Roon lads will do everything to get this sorted, just keep time differences in mind if replies seem slow.


Hi @Hakan_Andersson – sorry for the slow response here, and for the trouble. I’m happy to help try to figure this out, but I should be clear about what’s likely to be related to Roon.

When you’re using the System Output in Roon, it will function like any other application that plays audio via the Windows mixer, like a web browser for example. It shouldn’t be able to prevent any other applications from also playing via the Windows mixer.

When you’re using Exclusive Mode in Roon, we take control of the audio device (whether its your sound card or an external device), and no other applications can play or use the device until Roon releases it. Roon will release the device when the application is closed, when Roon has been paused for 8 seconds, or if you force stop, which can be done by pressing CTRL+T, or by long-pressing the Pause button.

Point being, there’s really no way Roon is going to be affecting your audio configuration when the application is closed or uninstalled.

It’s possible something changed when you set up Roon, and this could’ve been:

  • Something you did in Roon (like lowering the volume)
  • Something in Windows (like choosing a different default playback device)
  • Something related to your DAC (like it crashed or got into a bad state, and needs to be rebooted)

I would start by rebooting everything including the DAC, and then I would confirm the various troubleshooting steps listed at the Microsoft link above. Let me know if none of that helps, and we can take another look here, ok?


Thank you for the reply:-). Where do I set exclusive mode on or off in roon?

Give this a read and let me know how it goes @Hakan_Andersson: