Cannot get synology NAS to link with roon

Roon Core Machine

Ubuntu 20.04LTS
intel i5, intel motherboard,16gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

virgin media router with ethernet connecton to roonserver/ubuntu machine, not using a VPN

Connected Audio Devices

2 raspi 4's (one on wift, one on ethernet), 2 chromecast audios, 1 lenovo smart clock

Number of Tracks in Library

310 GB, 22k files

Description of Issue

I suspect the issue is with how I write the path for the NAS and Roon being unable to find it. I have tried:



Error is saying- ‘host not found’

I am able to control internet radio from a window laptop across my end points

Is someone from roon able to provide support for this? I was wondering if a password with an alpha numeric character might be a problem? Although I suspect that isn’t the main problem here.

Try the IP adress: like : \\\music

Thanks but unfortunately the IP address approach does not work either

Forgot to mention I now get an ‘unexpected error’ with the IP address approach

Yes, thanks for the idea but SMB appears to have been set properly for this unless I’ve missed some other setting

Is that really what you meant to write? If not and as documented, Roon might have issues if a password contains special characters. Please try without.

Click on the picture to open the guide.

Note: In general, please make sure that your NAS/share works correctly with other machines before attempting to use it with Roon. Follow the guide to trouble shoot errors – and don’t forget to:

Make sure to include screenshots of what you’re entering into Roon, screenshots of the share settings, and a detailed description of your networking setup.

Thanks BlackJack. Roon is now working because I removed a special character from my password.

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Hi @Kevin_Parsons,

We just want to verify you’re all set, and that the most recent post did in fact resolve your issue. The tech support team is standing by to assist if not.

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