Cannot install Roon mac os

Hello, I download roon and I cannot start to run on mac mini with high sierra 10.13.6. I follow recomandation to run command in terminal and check to enable arial font, but roon still don’t start. My trial starts today.

Could you please help me to continue?


What software package did you download? You most likely need Roon for MacOS.

To install this you don’t need to use the terminal. Simply mount the image (Roon.dmg) by double-clicking the file and then copy Roon to your Applications folder as instructed.

Did you download the full Roon package or just the Server.

If it was just the Server, there is no GUI for that. You need to use another device, running Roon Remote or the full Roon package, to access Roon.

Hi @Laurentiu_Matei,

As Martin suggested, can you confirm that you installed Roon and not RoonServer?

If you installed Roon, can you verify that you followed these instructions:

  1. Download the .dmg (Disk image) file from our downloads page. See Software Packages if you’re not sure what to grab
  2. Open the .dmg file by double clicking it
  3. In the Disk Image window, drag the Roon icon into the Applications folder
  4. Navigate to your Applications folder in Finder, and double click Roon to launch it. If Roon doesn’t launch, try right clicking it and selecting Open
  5. Eject the Disk Image in Finder

I downloaded the dmg but after dragging to App folder got msg hat installed version 1.6 had a later date than the one I had just downloaded. I was not expecting this since supposedly the one on the Roon website is the latest.

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