Cannot install Roon Server on Asustor AS6604T

I had some technical issues and finally, I have to reinstall my NAS from zero. I just started to install the Roon Server, and it is always stopped after setting of database storage location.

I’m after: restart NAS, restart Roon Server app and reinstall Roon Server app from App Central.
I’m on the latest ADM version (3.5.7 RJR1).

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

Thank you.

Hi @Ferenc_Bodi,
I have been made of this issue a few days ago and already pushed an update to the Asustor App Central (version 2021-07-26). It is currently in review process and should be released soon.

Hi, I have the same issue. The server status always shows “stopped” even try to reinstall everything from App Central. ADM version is 3.5.7 RKU2

Do you have any idea what is problem?

The log is showing “Downloading RoonServer”

Hi @Gino_Mark and @Ferenc_Bodi,
I am sorry for the installation trouble. It looks like the App has issues downloading required files for Roon Server. I am currently working on an update to fix and enhance some other things. But it will also include more accurate info on failed downloads and an option to supply the required download file manually. Would you mind trying the new installer, when it is done? I hope to have it ready today/tomorrow.

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Hi Christopher,

My Roon server on AS6604T is working fine after your last/previous correction. I guess only @Gino_Mark has an issue now.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply!

Sure, I don’t mind having a new installer. Let me know once it is ready.


I have the same problem.
Server stopped on an AS6604T

Hi I am having the same trouble with my AS6604T

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HI Christopher,

I am looking forward the new installer coming out. When can it be ready?

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